Here is a collection of my favourite pieces that were originally published over five years of Good Food Revolution:

Surströmming in Stockholm Documentary

The Supertasters Documentary

Boycott Löwenbräu Article

Jancis Robinson MW Video Interview

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) Video Interview

Chef Fergus Henderson (St. John, London) Video Interview

Chef Magnus Nilsson (Fäviken, Northern Sweden) Video Interview

Chef Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy) Video Interview

In Praise Of The Terrine Article

In Praise Of Instant Ramen Article

In Praise of Boiled Beef Article

Consider The Chicken Article

How Not To Cook Xmas Pudding Part 1 Article

How Not To Cook Xmas Pudding Part 2 Article

A few years back my great friend and City Bites Editor Dick Snyder asked me to put together a column for his superb magazine. I suddenly realised that it may be a good idea to archive them somewhere… and so… The following are the last three parts of the Confessions of a Sommelier series:

Part 1 – The Art of Assemblage

Part 2 – The Restaurant Critic

Part 3 – Moderation When Drinking (For a Living)

And here’s the introduction to the Stratford Culinary Guide that I wrote in 2011:

Stratford Culinary Guide 2011

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